About Us

         Cico Collection was birthed by Cynthia Campus also known as Cico. A wigmaker and a Mary Kay beauty consultant. Born in Nigeria to Nigerian parents, migrated to the United States in pursuit of a greener pasture but was quickly sucked into the busy work life of an average American. Out of the need to provide Ease and Comfort with a Touch of Class to women like herself she decided to come up with the brand. Women are multi-taskers in a busy world. Ranging from school, work, and family, they barely find time to treat themselves, visit beauty spas, salons or start thinking about the perfect hairdo to fit a certain occasion. She'd found out that she just couldn't take care of her natural hair as effective as necessary and always needed a rescue by wearing wigs. And at the same time, didn't want a wig that would take more of her time trying to style it or even wear it. Hence the glue-less wig was made preferrable.

         Cico, started making wigs for herself and sisters about 5 years ago but soon realized that her struggles with hair was felt by so many other women/ladies out there. This included women suffering from illnesses hat rob them of their tresses/hair such as cancer and alopecia. So, she created this "Cico Collection" brand that would deal on bringing relief to suchlike damsels in distress. Creating sewing machine wigs with the BEST quality 100% Virgin and Raw Human Hair. These wigs are made in a way that they are very easy and comfortable for YOU to wear and feel CLASSY, ELEGANT, and BEAUTIFUL with little to no effort needed. She puts her heart with so much love in each unit/style. Same goal goes along with every other products that the brand offers. The goal is providing easy made but unique products that can fit in many or most of your needs, whether it's professional or casual look, your are not left out. So, Shop Our collections today, support the dream and passion of Cico and let's be beautiful and classy together.