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The CICO WIG SAVER BAG is the perfect wig storage solution. Make traveling with your wig easy with this travel-friendly bag. Its slim profile is great for stowing away without taking up too much room. Keep your wig safe, protected and in great shape with CICO WIG SAVER.

No more excuses as to why your wig is out on your bed or dresser table or the window frame. Here's a remedy for you. Your glueless wigs are an investment and must be treated as such. Give it some TLC.


  • Protects wigs from dust and impurities
  • Helps prolong the styling 
  • Helps prolong the lifespan of your wigs
  • Easy access while traveling
  • Saves storage space.
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Cico Answers

Common Questions Asked

What Quality of hair do you use?

We use only the best sourced Virgin and Raw hair quality hair. Can be Chinese, Indian, Indonesian or Vietnamese. Either will be stated on product description.

What type of laces are used?

We use two types of laces. Either HD lace or Transparent lace. Either will be stated on the product description.